• Q Can furniture be left outside all year round?

    A All of our rattan garden furniture range is manufactured to be left outside all year round in any weather conditions, however, we recommend that any fabrics be kept in dry storage when not in use.
  • Q Do products fade in sunlight?

    A All of our products are UV protected to ensure they don’t fade in sunlight, resulting in years of enjoyment.
  • Q Is the glass safe?

    A Yes all glass on all products is 8mm toughened safety glass.
  • Q How many different weaves are there?

    A All of our products are available in different weaves, this is so several products from the range can be purchased and placed together.
  • Q Can cushions be washed?

    A All of our piped cushion covers are zipped and therefore can be easily removed for machine washing.
  • Q How do I care for my furniture?

    A All of our furniture is practically maintenance free, however if the product should get dirty, it can be easily cleaned off using a sponge or power washer.
  • Q When can I expect delivery?

    A Delivery time are usually forty-five days,after we receive your deposit.However if for any reason you require it sooner, then this can be arranged, please contact us. Once meet Chinese New Year,our delivery date is delayed to one month.Because we are out of work in that time.



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